The Shift Has Happened

I felt it was time to update for Sellers we are starting to see a choice in inventory and Buyers know this. There are now more choices for them and they are really for the sticker price wanting to see a home that is well maintained and put together inside and out. Sellers are no longer, as we are starting to see now, putting a high price tag on a home and expecting it to sell regardless. With that said, two things need to happen. You need to address any and all maintenance concerns or adjust the price. There are Buyers out there ready to buy, however they are no longer just taking anything that comes on the market because they know they have choices. With that said prices are now coming down because Buyers have their feet stuck in the dirt saying they will wait or move on to the next home.

The other thing that I would like to bring up is that if your home is in the above 450K price category, then you may need to consider attracting more buys by considering a contingent sale or other options to create a win-win for both you and the buyers. The moral of this update is we are seeing a shift that if you want to get your home sold quickly you will need to consider pricing it correctly for condition, size and location and be willing to work with your potential buyer.

Any question about what to do, how to do it or just prepare your home please let me know.