insight from debstephenson

Although this home is not East of 76 I wanted to share with you why choosing the right Realtor and Agent are so important to the exposure, marketing and reach that is critical when getting your home on the market. The link will show you the technology that 8z Real Estate uses to get your home in front of Buyers whether they are in Colorado or out of state getting ready to move here the information they need, want and crave.  This is a interactive 3D tour, that allows anyone to “walk through” your house and see it and feel it without leaving home. No longer is is ok to just take a few photos to entice a Buyer to schedule a showing. Even more important for East of 76 when often it is harder to get a Buyer to consider coming all the way out here. Click the link to experience this new tour  Any questions feel free to let me know ~ Deb